The Universe

It is a far-off future, an epoch so removed from our time that humanity has forgotten its history, buried under the weight of aeons and sundered by the numerous cataclysms to befall our ancestral homeworld.

Now humanity’s domain stretches far beyond our solar birthplace; colonies and populous city-worlds scattered across the length of the Orion Spur. With exploration came both discovery and first contact with the other intelligent life-forms with whom we share our corner of the galaxy. Some of these meetings were peaceful… some were not.

It has been 40 years since the decades-long Khariphesh Crusade, triggered by first contact between the human Homeworld Confederacy and the Collected Prides of the felinoid Zhren’thrar, came to an end.  A devastating war that left worlds blackened and cost billions of lives gave way to a tenuous peace that settled across the great civilizations of the Spur. Vast fleets of agile warships and weapons capable of unimaginable destruction sit idle and useless; able to scour entire star systems clean of life but without the impetus to unleash their terrible power.

The guns of conflict are silent… but in the shadows a war rages still. The fate of entire worlds now lies not with the horrific might of world-killing superweapons, but a handful of elite warriors that dance an endless waltz of espionage, sabotage and counter-attack.

Welcome to the quiet war. Welcome to Breachstorm.

The Orion Spur is a minor arm of our local galaxy - an area rich with habitable worlds and home to myriad lifeforms.  Across the breadth of the spur, lone colonies struggle to survive in all-manner of unforgiving environs, ruled by powerful distant entities lightyears away that project their influence with vast fleets of deadly warships.


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Homeworld Confederacy

Zhren'thrar Prides

Ativari Conclave

Volucrid Host

Agoge Foundation

Konager League

Rhestran Utopia





Capt. Johan Lukas

Maj. Bastien Khara'kha

Packmistress Feraq Gha'hara

Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat

Exp. G127 "Kaylex"

Legatus Daeronus Atrius

Evocatus Helcia


EPP Weaponry

ACE Suit


Plasma Weaponry

Rapid Fabricator Array

Encapsulment Gel

Military Units


Khariphesh Templars

Pride Warpacks

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