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Adaptive Combatskin

A biotechnological symbiote that is flash-”grown” onto its wearer before deployment, the adaptive combatskin is the core of Ativari personnel combat technology.



A combatskin suit is highly advanced, composed mostly of a layer of pseudo-muscle strands interlaced with support systems and specialized organs.  The combatskin interfaces directly with its wearer’s psychokinetic ganglia, which allows seamless exchange of commands and information.  Sensor information, damage reports, system diagnostics etc. are all communicated directly and interpreted by the wearer subconsciously.


The majority of a combatskin is composed of a nanocrystalline musculature that is essentially skin-tight to its wearer.  The pseudo-muscles of this musculature reorient themselves in response to electrical stimulation, generating movement and allowing the wearer a full range of unencumbered movement while remaining extremely resilient to damage.


A combatskin doesn’t include the bulky armor plating of analogous technology developed by other cultures.  Instead, the combatskin grows layers of flexible, reinforced plates to protect over important areas of the wearer’s body, such as the shoulders, chest, head and areas of the legs to protect delicate internal systems and vital organs.  These plates remain as flexible as the rest of the suit while offering enhanced protection, and their composition and coverage varies between the unique combatskins employed by separate branches of the Conclave’s armed forces.


The impossibly complex internal mechanisms of a combatskin contain a variety of capabilities that may be accessed by their wearer; all combatskins are equipped with advanced life support, communication and targeting systems that feed data directly to the user’s nervous system.

Other specialized subsystems include neuropsych interfaces; subdermal neuroconductive networks that extend the user’s control over their psychokinetic fields and enhanced endoskeletons that augment the user’s physical strength or dexterity.


The direct link between a wearer and their combatskin makes skillful use of the technology a necessity.  While the combatskin possesses a limited artificial intelligence of their own that can assist by activating necessary functions in combat and provide tactical information, veteran troops can rapidly direct power contained within crystalline battery units between combatskin systems to gain an edge.



The capabilities of the combatskin itself are augmented further by their ability to generate nanofield matrices; clouds of biomechanical nanomachines suspended in a gravitic field immediately surrounding the suit.  These particles can be adapted to serve a variety of functions.  These include intercepting incoming projectiles, or projecting powerful electromagnetic fields that bend light and other wavelengths around the matrix, making their user almost undetectable until the field is disrupted.

Weapon Symbiotes


Ativari weaponry is highly energetic and often relies on onboard systems of its user’s combatskin to remain operational.  These weapon symbiotes are of similar biotechnological design that is grafted directly into the suit’s anatomy; often mounted on an arm or other extremity.  Such devices include phase projectors that generate exotic radiation to rapidly degrade materials at an anatomical level, or impact generators that use gravitic technology to propel projectiles or directly engage a target.


The hefty energy use of such technologies often requires that the combatskin direct power from other subsystems to be used at their full potential, but can be powered down to a lower setting to be used in conjunction with other abilities.

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