Kickstarter Retail Backers


Considering backing Breachstorm: Reloaded?  Our retail backers can expect an easy transaction and several pre-order benefits.

To become a retail backer, simply back the campaign at the $30 Retailer Pledge Level (verification will be required).  Upon conclusion of the campaign you'll be able to order any of the new releases or existing product, and your pledge level will be credited towards your order.

Full payment is only due once your order is ready to ship.

You can also expect the following benefits:

  • Priority Fulfillment - Retail backer orders will be fulfilled in-full before normal backers.

  • 5% Discount - Pledge up-front for the full amount of your order, and you'll be credited 5% for a future order!

  • Limited Edition Product - Access to the 3 limited edition sculpts that will not be available after the campaign.


For any questions or to request a retailer price sheet, visit the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Become a Breachstorm Retailer

While the players are the lifeblood of any game, at Breachstorm Entertainment we recognize that retailers and local game stores are the heart and soul of the gaming community and are crucial to the expansion and longevity of the Breachstorm miniatures game.  For this reason, we’re committed to making Breachstorm’s as retailer-friendly as possible!

Breachstorm Retailer Benefits

  • Low Commitment - Payment for all retail orders is not due until time of shipment, and retail backers of our Kickstarter campaigns are only responsible for a low up-front payment.  The remainder of the order payment will not be due until the time of shipment, so you can feel secure with your investment in a new gaming company.

  • Priority Fulfillment - So you can begin promoting Breachstorm as soon as possible, fulfill all retailer orders before non-retail customers.

  • Retailer Support Materials - Complementary demo and promotional materials are available for new retailers, so you can promote your Breachstorm community!

  • Easy Ordering - Breachstorm SKUs have no MOQ or case-pack, so you can order exactly what you need.  Larger orders will even be eligible for free shipping.


Level Playing Field

To ensure all retailers operate on a level playing field, retailer backers will be required to sign reseller and MAP agreements and agree to uphold our pricing policy for all Breachstorm items.  Contact us at to review these documents and receive a copy of our price list.


Thanks For Considering Breachstorm!

At Breachstorm Entertainment, we recognize that tabletop gaming is a constantly growing field, and that Breachstorm is a new upstart in the market, but we’re committed to hit the ground running and make it the fastest growing miniature game in the industry!