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Pride Warpacks
Warpacks are the primary ground forces serving the Collected Prides of the Zhren'thrar.  Traditionally raised from pride citizenry to defend their communities during periods of conflict, recently prides have maintained standing Warpacks made up of veteran, career soldiers.  While Warpacks are as diverse as the unique cultures of the prides they represent, most Warpack forces follow a common command structure.
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Tactical Role​
When called upon to serve their pride, entire communities of able-bodied Zhren'thrar will often form Warpacks together.  These close-knit teams prove highly loyal to one another and are able to take great advantage of the unique skills of each member.  As such, individual warpacks are granted remarkable freedom within a battlespace by their superiors.
Individual warpacks, or combined units under more experienced commanders will typically be given loose objectives and expected to independently determine their tactical approach.  This level of autonomy allows each warpack to make effective use of their diverse skillsets, but often necessitates supervision by Khariphesh agents or members of their commanding officer's personal staff.
Typically a pride's warriors are responsible for supply and maintenance of their own equipment.  As such officers of greater rank able to afford
higher quality, more exotic weaponry than their constituents.
Warpack troops make extensive use of plasma weaponry in the role of small-arms.  They are also traditionally outfitted with an array of monomolecular close-combat weapons, lightweight and highly flexible battlegear, and mobile antigrav combat vehicles.
Warrior Hierarchy
Packwarriors Members of a Warpack without command responsibilities, Packwarriors include all levels of military experience, from freshfurred recruits to veteran warriors boasting dozens of combat deployments.  Typically poorly equipped but not lacking for enthusiasm, Packwarriors will be granted further specialization by their packmates based on their individual skills.  While appointing permanent specialists is a practice common in veteran units, the varied occupational skills of the Zhren'thrar within a Warpack will usually necessitate designating bombardiers, marksmen, artificers and battlesages that support their teammates both on and off the field.
Packleaders Granted command of small teams numbering 5-10 packwarriors, Packleaders are veterans of past combat and typically possess a close personal relationship with their packmates.  They are often members of their commune's hierarchy, already able to command the respect of their peers, and their higher pay grade and existing armory of equipment give them access to more refined weaponry.
Packmasters/mistress Handpicked for elevation by pride Warthanes for their loyalty or tactical acumen, Packmistresses are given charge of a Warpack consisting of several individual teams lead by Packleaders.  Not usually hailing from the same communes as the warriors in their command, these officers are typically charismatic and able to earn the respect of their troops by the strength of personality and battlefield acumen.
The Warpacks commanded by Packmistresses are usually the smallest operational units directed by Warthanes, who provide individual officers with mission objectives to accomplish as they see fit, delegating operations to constituent Packleaders where necessary.  This focus on battlefield-level tactics makes Warpack troops terrifyingly efficient in small engagements, however removes focus from larger-scale, strategic concerns.

Firstclaws Superlative warriors in their own right, Firstclaws are agents appointed by Warthanes to oversee the operations of Packmistresses under their command.  Meant to represent the Warthane on the field of battle, Firstclaws are selected from the upper echelon of a pride's warrior communes for their skill-at-arms and loyalty, over any tactical aptitude.  While functionally acting as glorified enforcers, a Firstclaw's presence alongside a Warpack has a powerful effect on troop morale, and their resplendent skill is often on display as they lead from the front into the heat of combat.

Warthanes Commanding officers within a Warlord's personal cadre, Warthanes are the strategic operators of a pride's military.  Delegating objectives to individual Warpacks and coordinating naval assets, Warthanes are a vital intermediary between units on the ground and a pride's strategic command.  These experienced warriors rarely take to the field personally, but are veterans with decades of military experience.

Warpack Firstclaw
Warlords Advisers reporting directly to a pride Chieftain or Warchieftain, these individuals compose the highest echelon of a pride's command structure.  Prides with extensive military forces house a strategic council of Warlords that direct the actions of lower-level, operational Warlords and their Warthanes, while smaller prides will occasionally host a single Warlord who serves as the de-facto commander-in-chief of the pride's military.
Warchieftain In the case that a Pride's military presence is large enough to require a single, executive commander, the Chieftain will appoint a Warchieftain.  While prides with exceptionally complex command structures will often utilize a Warchieftain to act as the final word in strategic decisions, the rank of Warchieftain is traditionally reserved for periods of stress or conflict where their near-dictatorial level of power is required to enforce decisive action.
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