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Multirole Tactical Armored Corps (M-TAC)


"First to fight, last in retreat" - M-TAC motto

M-TAC units are the most common infantry deployed by the Homeworld Confederacy’s Tactical Corps.  While specialist Tactical Corps troops are deployed judiciously within HDC task forces, M-TAC troops are stationed on virtually every HDC vessel and installation.

Tactical Role

Tactical flexibility is paramount to M-TAC’s battlefield role.  Able to outfit squads with a variety of specialized personnel and equipment for any mission description, these units form the backbone of any large-scale HDC operation.  When not operating in direct support of more specialized Tactical Corps teams, M-TAC units are typically deployed to secure contested territory; deployments that can last for long periods of time and are often accompanied by support units such as mechanized divisions and SCORPEON units.


M-TAC units are almost universally equipped with ACE-pattern combat suits and EPP firearms technology as their primary weapon systems.  All M-TAC combat personnel are also armed with a heavy, deflagrant weapon as a backup sidearm for the rare occasion that EPP weapons fail in the field.

TITAN specialists are deployed within their signature TITAN battlesuits.  These vehicles are highly modular and are outfitted specifically to fit mission parameters.

Combat Specializations


Rifleman The backbone of M-TAC rifle squads that typically contain 4-6 Riflemen in their ranks, these troops are typically armed with variable payload DCE22 EPP assault weapon systems.  Riflemen are trained and equipped to execute a vast array of battlefield maneuvers, including close combat, mobile assault and static defense.


Support Gunner Equipped to offer fire support to their teammates and increase the effectiveness of their fireteam through force multiplication, Gunners are armed with high-velocity DCE112 heavy machine-guns alongside specialized ammunition and a reinforced ACE suit capable of withstanding the immense recoil of their weapon systems.  These specialists provide suppressive fire and overwatch to their team.

Team Leader Typically equipped similarly to their Riflemen alongside expanded comm systems in their ACE suit, team leaders lead M-TAC fireteams, providing tactical leadership.


Squad Leader Squad leaders are officers attached as an adjunct to M-TAC rifle squads to guide the maneuvers of both fireteams, and will typically embed themselves in a single fireteam during operations.  Often more lightly armed than their compatriots, squad leaders are equipped with an enhanced command and communications suite.


TITAN Specialist Often slow and unwieldy, battlesuits are not commonly deployed on mobile operations, however when more deliberate action is required these war machines act as valuable force multipliers.  TITAN specialists are often attached to rifle squads during deployment and fall under the direct command of their squad leader.

Operational Hierarchy

Fireteam The most basic operational unit of an M-TAC force, squads are broken into two fireteams, each typically assigned one team leader of at least Corporal rank, two riflemen, one designated medic and one support gunner, although alternate roles are generally assigned depending on mission requirements.


Rifle Squad Composed of two fireteams, rifle squads are generally the smallest M-TAC units that are individually deployed and are lead by an attached squad leader of Sergeant rank of above.


Platoon Typically containing three rifle squads, their commanders and support personnel, Naval Corps frigate-class warships are assigned a single platoon-strength M-TAC compliment, and are the smallest vessels to carry M-TAC troops outside of dedicated personnel carriers.


Company All M-TAC troops with the same operational role within a single battlegroup or garrison are categorized into a division. For example; all infantry, logistical or armored units within a battlegroup will be organized into respective divisions.


Task Force, Battlegroup or Garrison The largest functional HDC deployment under normal circumstances, task forces consist of Naval Corps battlegroups and encompass all Tactical Corps units contained therein.  Similarly, garrisons provide stable security to HDC installations, and can house anywhere from a single platoon to entire divisions of M-TAC personnel.


Sector Division This operational level describes the command responsible for a subsector of Confederate space - subsectors are typically assigned by population, so can vary in size from a single system to large swathes of territory.


Operational Sector Command encompassing all M-TAC troops stationed in a single sector of Confederate space.

Sector Division and Sector Command is rarely responsible for M-TAC operations alone and will typically oversee all Tactical Corps troops in their jurisdictional area, however an M-TAC liaison team is generally part of the command staff.

Support Gunner
TITAN Specialist
Team Leader
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