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Ativari Conclave Available for Preorder!

The enigmatic Ativari join the Quiet War with a new core set!

A society thousands of years more advanced than the Spur's other inhabitants, the enigmatic Ativari field small, elite teams of skilled infiltrators. While each individual operative is a powerhouse of tactical proficiency and advanced biotechnology hailing from one of the Conclave's storied martial tradition's, they work together in seamless concert; complementing one another with their unique skillset.

The Ativari Conclave core set contains a 100-requisiton team composed of 5 unique miniatures; the indomitable Legate Atrius, one Prelator Optius, Prelator Vanguard, Precari Adept, and Praetorian Interdictor. The set is now available on the store page! We expect new orders to ship within 7 days.

Beta profile cards for these 5 Ativari units are also now available on the rules page. Also included are rules for playing Qairus, Synod Agent as an in-faction field officer! We expect these rules to change slightly as we take feedback and make balance adjustments before releasing a card pack in the future.

Stay tuned next week for a more focused breakdown on the faction, their mechanics, and playstyle!

See you in the combat zone, operatives.


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