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Open Beta v.4 Update & Change Notes

It's been a while since our last Open Beta update, but this one's a good one!

All of the game files are available on the Open Beta page.

As you can see from the files, we've put a ton of time into updating all of the game's documents to their near-final, fully tricked out and prettified versions. Almost the whole game has undergone a graphics overhaul, with full-color card art and diagrams.

Obviously there's still a ways to go, but we're close to having all the final versions.

Let's go over some change notes!

Core Rules

The core rules remained largely the same; but we did have some changes to clean up gameplay slightly:

  • Melee, Ranged and AOE attack actions rolled into a single "Attack" action. The Action procedure has been amended to be applicable to any attack type.

  • Starting Asset Points reduced to Cost 2 per point, rather than 3. We found that in the face of new upgrades Asset Points had been devalued and Cost 2 kept them as a competitive choice.

  • Interrupt Actions were streamlined to be simpler.


New Upgrade Cards

Penetrator Ammunition

An "Ammunition" upgrade currently only available to HWC, Penetrator Ammunition allows for a once-per-round burst of damage to punch through heavily armored targets.

Oath of Resolution

An "Oath" upgrade that provides damage reduction as long as the equipped model has two or more Fury tokens, Oath of Resolution offers ZTP teams an alternative, defensive playstyle that trades the offensive power of Fury for survivability.


One of the few upgrades that includes a downside, Cautious trades the occasionally Suppression token for more effective use of cover for the equipped model.


Gunslinger - The Level 2 ability has been changed to offer a once-per-round 3" move, rather than repeatable 2" moves. In some cases the mobility offered by Gunslinger was able to create imbalanced game states.


New Objective Cards

Escort (Defense)

This objective places a VIP on the table that the defending player must keep safe from attacking enemies. This objective requires that the defending team remain in close proximity to their objective, but in return provides access to some powerful Tactical Assets.

Breakthrough (Attack)

This difficult objective requires the attacker to push aggressively across the table and Interact with a zone on the defender's side. In exchange, the objective provides easy Asset Point scoring an extremely dangerous Tactical Asset in Killbox.

Homeworld Confederacy

Field Officers

Captain Johan Lukas - Cost increased to 20

We found that Capt. Lukas' late-game was still extremely strong and his effectiveness often pushed out less-elite Field Officers from inclusion.

M-TAC Fireteam Leader - Gained Storm action, Assault Rifle critical damage increased to 5.

We added Storm in an effort to make the Fireteam Leader more attractive in contrast to HWC's character officers and make it more interesting to play.


M-TAC Rifleman - Assault Rifle critical damage increased to 5.

We found Riflemen were often outshone by more elite infantry options, but with slightly heavier damage output is more effective, especially at the late-stages of a turn.

Zhren'thrar Prides

Field Officers

Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat - Lost Furious

We found that Khash'Parah often became a problematic piece to deal with late-game, and generating Fury tokens from enemy attacks only exacerbated that issue.

Pride Packleader - For Honor reworked

In the previous version of the ability, For Honor had the ability to wildly swing the game if triggered at an inopportune time. It also had the consequence of heavily favoring the ZTP player if they were first player. We've solved this issue by reducing the impact of For Honor while extending its duration and altering it to create some more interesting tactical options.


Pride Packwarrior - Cost reduced to 8, Warblade critical damage increased to 7, For Honor reworked

In their previous incarnation we had some issues with large numbers of Packwarriors benefitting from For Honor, but with the rework of the ability felt that they could regress to their old stats without issue.