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New Releases & Adepticon 2024 Recap


We are hard at work over here in the Breachstorm command center furiously catching up on sleep after an insane weekend of games, demos, and new reveals at Adepticon 2024!

The Breachstorm crew acting definitely not sleep deprived.

We had so much interest in the game and its new modes that our tables were absolutely packed for 12-18 hours each day of the event and we couldn't be happier with the attention you all gave.

First of all, I want to thank the community for the insanely positive reception we received at the show... and the dozens of new Breachstormers we've been able to welcome into our community! If you have joined the game (or are eyeing it), don't forget to hope into our community Discord server where you can chat about the game or find other players in your area.

But now... on to NEW STUFF!

New Sets on Presale

If you take a gander over at the Store page, you'll find that the Volucrid Host Card Pack, Covert Ops Expansion Pack (for cooperative play), and Objectives & Upgrades Packs are all currently available for presale.

The updated Volucrid cards include entirely new card art, including a new Host-infested overlay that we're very pleased with. You'll also find some new artwork on our official upgrade cards, which are included in Objective & Upgrade pack.

These sets aren't quite ready to ship at the time of writing, but we expect to have any orders on their way to you by early next week.

New Rules Available

Taking a quick peek at the rules page you'll see that most of these cards are also available for download there as well. ALL unit, objective, and upgrade profiles have been updated to their finalized Version 1.0, and rules for playing multiplayer Cyclic Ops as well as cooperative Covert Ops game formats have also been posted.

The core rulebook is lagging a little bit as it is getting a full re-formatting to incorporate the core game modes, but the core rules themselves haven't seen many changes and we expect to post that document in the coming days.

Intense CoOps play from Adepticon 2024.

Speaking of changes; a full changelog of the v1.0 updates will also be following shortly, along with a brace of missions for cooperative play in the Covert Ops format.

We have so much else on the burner right now that we're excited to show you... but can't at the moment; so you'll haver to be patient and hold tight for some insane Breachstorm action in the coming weeks.

See you in the Combat Zone, commanders.


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