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Breachstorm's core rules, model profiles, objectives and upgrade cards are free to play for any players wishing to try out the game or submit feedback on the system.  Consider joining one of the game's many thriving communities to meet other players and discuss the game; such as the Breachpoint forums or social media at the links below.

We're always happy to accept questions and comments regarding the rules, so please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail, social media or within one of the community pages!

Continue reading to download the game rules, absolutely free!

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Breachstorm Miniatures Game Group


#breachstorm Discord Server


Getting Started

Core Rules


Breachstorm Core Rules v.41

Breachstorm Objective Cards v.40

Breachstorm Upgrade Cards v.40

Breachstorm Terrain Templates

Organized Play Rules

Breachstorm TacOps - Tournament Rules v.1

Faction Statcards

Homeworld Confederacy Statcards v.40

Zhren'thrar Prides Statcards v.40

Volucrid Host Statcards v.40 (IN PROGRESS)

Kaylex, Rogue Paragon Statcard v.40 (IN PROGRESS)

Standee Miniatures

Print n' play standee minis are easy to assemble with some folding and PVA glue so you can get on the battlefield right away!  Adding a rigid base will help to provide stability

but isn't necessary.

Homeworld Confederacy Standee Minis

Zhren'thrar Prides Standee Minis

Volucrid Host Standee Minis