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Volucrid Host Full Release!

What's up Breachstormers!? We're excited to announce that a HOST of new kits and files are available now on the Store page!

This set out releases includes a full roll-out of model kits for the Volucrid Host faction; including a new core set that provides a perfect starting point to the faction, alongside Volgox Spitters, Howlers and other Infantry that you can use to reinforce your team and unlock new compositions.

Not only that, but Epulex Incubators and their Grub companions are also available in a separate expansion.

We're still working out the final few kinks in the digital file pack for the faction, but hope to have it available for Patrons soon.

We're also excited to announce a brand new token set is now available both as a 49-piece kit, and digital file pack.

This set includes copies of every token type now in the game, as well as 30mm and 40mm markers styles for both attack and defense objectives, as well as a 30mm Initiative marker to make remembering activation order simpler, and acting as an Aura or AOE marker as needed.

We also plan to make this kit available as a free reward for all current and future Field Officer supporters on our Patreon!

See you on the battlefield, commanders!


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