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Join the Breachstorm universe as part of the Volucrid Host!


Includes a 100-point team for the Breachstorm Miniature Game featuring 16 highly detailed, resin miniatures with 30mm plastic bases:


  • Mar, Volgox Alpha (only available in this set!)
  • Volgox Howler
  • 2x Volgox Spitters
  • 3x Volgox Crawlers
  • 3x Volgox Fireflies
  • 6x Epulex Grubs


Some assembled required - models are unassembled and unpainted.


Rules for playing with these models can be found in the Rules section.


Includes printed-on-demand resin miniatures; click here to our review guidelines before working with resin miniatures.


View our return policy here.


Models shown may not be shown to scale and may vary from actual contents.

Volucrid Host Core Set

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