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Volucrid Host - AVAILABLE NOW!

At long last; the Volucrid Host descends on Breachstorm... with the first wave of Volgox miniatures available on the store page or via the game's new Patreon page!

In order to fund new content and the continued development of the game; we're offering FREE printable digital files, discounts on the Breachstorm store, high res art and alternative game components to supporters at the Field Officer level on

The new Volucrid miniatures are each available two different ways; through a downloadable STL so you can 3d print them at home, or via print-on-demand.

Our new print-on-demand miniatures (which you can now use to order all existing Breachstorm miniatures) uses a UV cured resin to produce miniatures specially for each order. These miniatures are supplied in one-piece (so there's little assembly required) and within their supporting framework so there's no chance of damage in shipping.

We're excited to finally bring these insectoid new minis to the community, and are hard at work expanding the range of the game's 3rd faction over the coming weeks!


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