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v.8 Profile Hotfixing Update

Happy Monday, Breachstormers! Hope everyone got some good gaming done over the weekend; we spent the weekend running demos and pickup games at Armourcon 2022 - thanks to everyone who caught a game and tried out the system!

With our move to the new v.80 version of the rules, we moved our unit profile cards to new design software - unfortunately this introduced a few errors to the statcards, so we're introducing a quick fix to repair them. The cards on the Rules Page have been updated to reflect these changes; but here they are spelled out:

Homeworld Confederacy

Maj. Bastien Khara-kha

  • DCE-G8p Combat Shotgun weapon range updated to 8".

TITAN Battlesuit FSL

  • Action value updated to 2/+1.

M-TAC Breacher

  • Abilities updated to add Storm.

Zhren'thrar Prides

Pride Firstclaw

  • Cost updated to 21.

Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat

  • Raw Strength enhancement updated to provide +4 damage.

Pride Packwarrior

  • Cost updated to 8.

Huge thanks to everyone who has been giving us feedback on the updated rules; we're excited about the state of the ruleset at the moment! While you can expect a few balance changes to be implemented in the coming weeks as players get their hands on the updated missions, we feel the game is the most fun it's ever been.

But don't take our word for it; let us know what you think on our community Facebook page and Discord server!


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