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Upcoming Breachstorm Patreon Rewards

In an effort to thank the awesome Breachstormers who hopped on to support the game's development on our Patreon, we have a lot of sweet rewards coming down the pipeline!

We've been teasing these and other upcoming releases over in the member's only channel on our Discord server; so existing Patrons may be familiar with these announcements...

Full-Art Card Files

Soon you'll be able to play Breachstorm in style and show off your favorite units with full-art card files that will be available for Patrons at the Field Officer level to print and play with!

New High-Res Artwork

Field Officer patrons will also be able to download high-res versions of Breachstorm artwork, including some brand new pieces!

Development Polls (Live Now!)

Poll available to Patrons of all levels will help determine new features, modes, and rulesets available to the game. The current poll has a focus on casual and narrative play, and will determine whether the next ruleset to be released will be a Solo or Co-Op focused expansion to complete operations against AI-controlled enemies, or a zany Multiplayer Free-For-All for 3+ players to play together...

In addition to these benefits, we also want to take a moment to thank everyone who decides to support the game's development on Patreon. Currently 100% of proceeds from contributions and model sales are being reinvested in more assets and product for the game, so we greatly appreciate everyone who is helping make Breachstorm as great as it can be!


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