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Refreshed, rearmed, and ready to play!

The fires of the Quiet War may smolder and burn low, but the between the myriad factions of the Spur... the struggle never truly ceases.

Well, it's certainly been an interesting few years for both the wargaming community and the world at large; and like many others the Breachstorm Project experienced its fair share of setbacks. But now the team has re-assembled, and is excited to bring action-packed sci-fi action back to your tabletops!

Four years ago we set out to create an unparalleled tactical gaming experience; and we're still committed to bringing the tight conflicts of the Spur to life on the tabletop with a new, community-driven focus.

So to that end... here's what you can expect from Breachstorm over the next few weeks:

Updated Rules!

We're hard at work hammering out a new overhaul of the Breachstorm Rules that will make the game feel fresh and new. This includes simplifying many mechanics, and a total rework of the mission structure to make gameplay more dynamic and thematic.

v.80 rules and profile cards will be available for download next week.

New Miniatures!

We feel that the insectoid bioforms of the Volucrid Host have been criminally underserved in the miniatures department; so we're working hard to bring them to life. You'll also find the existing sculpts created via Breachstorm Reloaded being made available to the community soon as well!

Store Updates!

We find ourselves in a new age of 3d printing, and want to embrace the technology as quickly as possible! While we still plan to offer our high quality pewter and resin miniatures as we have in the past, new miniatures and Breachstorm's library of existing sculpts will also be made available for purchase in a digital format. We'll also have ways that new sculpts and other benefits can be unlocked automatically by supporting the project.

Watch this space for news on new products and 3d files available on the Breachstorm store.

Lastly, I want to throw out a sincere thank you to all the incredible community members who kept the dream alive over our down time. We've been humbled by the response from players who have continued to enjoy Breachstorm and are excited for its return. You can join the community yourself over in our Facebook group or Discord server!

Welcome BACK to the Quiet War... see you in the combat zone, commanders.

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