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Incoming! Volucrid Host Full Release

What's up, Breachstormers!? Thanks to everyone who came out see us at CaptainCon 2023 earlier this month... we had a great time running demos and events for everyone - the folks who visited the Breachstorm booth got the first chance to grab Volucrid Host minis for your growing exploratory colony!

We haven't made these widely available quite yet as we're still fine-tuning the sculpts with some improvements and new poses, but hope to have them available soon - alongside a clutch of new sculpts we currently have gestating...

More images of these bugs are available over on the Breachstorm Patreon - members over there will get free access to all these 3d files as soon as they're available!

But that's not all! Stay tuned for previews and 3d files of some new sculpts for other factions soon as well coming down the pipeline...


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