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Breachstorm v1.0 - New Updates & Releases!

It's been a long road from the first beta test of Breachstorm; but the game has made incredible progress from those early days... which is why we're so excited to announce a huge slate of releases with Breachstorm 1.0.

New Profile Card Packs

Available NOW in the store are totally new profile card packs for the Homeworld Confederacy and Zhren'thrar Prides factions. These tarot card sets give you copies of every unit profile card and contractor currently available for the faction, and feature new and updated artwork that pops on the tabletop.

Starter Set Updates

A huge update has also been made to the Breachstorm Starter Set is also available - including profile and mission cards, quick reference materials, measuring tools and markers, as well as punchboard token and terrain template sets. This transforms the starter box to an experience than can be played entirely out of the box, with no additional purchases or printouts required.

Other Upcoming Releases

We are excited to reveal tons of new content and releases alongside this v1.0 update. This includes a totally revised core rulebook complete with multiple formats of play (such as co-op and multiplayer modes), new card packs for upgrades, objectives, and the Volucrid Host faction, as well as a full release of the game's fourth faction... the Ativari Conclave.

See you on the battlefield, commander!


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