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This card pack includes the following profile cards and quick reference materials containing all of the rules for playing with and assembling your Zhren'thrar Prides team:


  • Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat
  • Packmistress Feraq
  • 2x Pride Packleader
  • 2x Khariphesh Dreamspeakers
  • 2x Warpack Artificers (2 art variants)
  • 6x Pride Packwarriors (3 art variants)
  • 2x Pride Firstclaw
  • Kaylex, Rogue Paragon
  • Qairus, Synod Agent
  • 3 Quick Reference Cards


Cards are UV coated and useable with dry-erase markers, but card sleeves are recommended.


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Zhren'thrar Prides Season 1 Card Pack

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