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Breachstorm Rumor Roundup!

Our supporters over in the Field Officer's Club have been getting inundated with previews and cool news over the last few weeks as we roll up to the much-anticipated full release of the Volucrid Host faction... but the time for confidentiality is over! So let's crack the "top secret" seal and show off some SICK new Breachstorm minis...

The hulking Volgox Crawler nicknamed "Mar" by units stationed on the contested frontier colony of Precipius may be the oldest known member of his genus; a hypothesis that could be verified if any human was ever able to get close enough to measure the massive creature's teeth without being eaten.

Mar represents the first unique character unit for the Volucrid Host faction; a Volgox Crawler so large and mutated that it has outgrown its shell; but is no less protected. The creature's corpulent mass is more than enough to protect itself from gunfire, and its impressive metabolism is enough to heal all-but the most grievous injury... provided a steady supply of fresh meat.

M-TAC Breachers are the skilled close-quarters specialists of M-TAC teams... trained in the fine art of unceremoniously obliterating walls or doors and filling the space behind with shrapnel and variable-payload shotgun rounds.

Resplendent in their up-armored Combat Exoskeletons, M-TAC Breachers have been awaiting a final miniature for far too long... but their wait is coming to an end!

Volgox Spitters are one of the most bizarre forms of Volucrid organism; enormous cauldrons of biological acids, reactants and spores that mix to form a variety of caustic fluids. Directed through a complex array of baleen-like proboscises, these mixtures are ejected accurately to assist with a variety of colony operations... including subduing hapless interlopers.

Print-on-demand and 3d files for these new troops will be available soon! We'll also have a limited quantity available at our Adepticon booth next week! We'll dive into more information about that in the next post.


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