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Breach & Clear! M-TAC Breacher Release & Adepticon Roundup!

The Spur's most dangerous CQB operatives; Breachers are members of M-TAC teams that receive intensive training in room-to-room combat and explosives use. Equipped with up-armored "Cavalier" ACE suits, the cutting-edge in autonomous explosive technology, and powerful variable-payload shotguns, Breachers are a necessity for any M-TAC unit expecting to assault occupied enclosures.

M-TAC Breachers are now available in the Breachstorm store; both in resin miniature and digital STL forms. STLs are also currently available free of charge for Field Officer patrons.

First of all; HUGE thanks to those who came by and saw us at Adepticon 2023 this past weekend. The Breachstorm team is still recovering from the event, but we're so excited about all the new faces we saw and Breachstormers we were able to add the the community. For any new players who haven't yet joined; the Breachstorm Discord is the hoppin' place to be for discussion about the game.

Zach's insane Volucrid-themed demo board.

We're also excited to finally release the long-awaited miniature for the M-TAC Breacher. These guys have been without a model for long enough since their preview during the Breachstorm: Reloaded campaign... but no more!

You can expect some previews of even more new expansion models for each faction over the coming weeks as we approach the announcement of the game's first official content season this coming June.

Last, but certainly not least; we've begun offering base packs (both 30mm and 40mm diameters) on the store page. After are; they are the base upon which our beautiful miniatures experience is built... (i'll see myself out).

So whether you're using them to mark scenario elements, or basing your 3d prints, you'll always have an easy place to get more!

See you on the battlefield!


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