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M-TAC Breachers are the skilled close-quarters specialists of M-TAC teams... trained in the fine art of unceremoniously obliterating walls or doors and filling the space behind with shrapnel and variable-payload shotgun rounds.  Equipped with up-armored "Cavalier" combat exoskeletons and cutting-edge autonomous breaching equipment, Breachers are some of the Spur's most dangerous CQB operatives.


This expansion pack includes two additional Infantry to customize your existing team:


  • 2 M-TAC Breacher miniatures with 30mm plastic base


Assembly required - model is unassembled and unpainted.


Rules for playing with these models can be found in the Rules section.

Includes resin miniatures; click here to our review guidelines before working with resin miniatures.

View our return policy here.


Models shown may not be shown to scale and may vary from actual contents.

M-TAC Breachers (2) - Resin Miniatures

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