v.70 Update - New Profile Cards!

June 24, 2019


Happy monday Breachstormers!

To help brighten up the new week I'm happy to announce that we've made another part of the v.70 Beta rollout available on the Rules page!


New and reworked upgrades have been introduced, including some big changes to the Brazen and Cautious upgrades.  Profiles for the new M-TAC Breacher and Warpack Artificer are also now available and ready for battle!


We received some feedback on the existing v.70 updates and have taken this opportunity to repair some oversights that were made on the first set of profiles, including the following changes:

  • The setup diagram for the Hold Position objective was incorrect and has been fixed

  • Qairus, Synod Agent COST was changed to 19

  • The Vengeful special rule and For Honor ability were changed to generate Fury any time the unit in question is incapacitated by an enemy

Lastly, the core rulebook is currently undergoing some reformatting to make room for the new rules and diagrams, but we hope to have that available soon as well.


I hope these new changes will help spice up your games for the coming week!

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