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Congratulations Giveaway Winners!

Earlier this month we a couple easy ways for our fans to enter to win one of several awesome prizes. The response was awesome and we had almost 200 entries, so we decided to throw in a few additional prizes... and yesterday we picked our winners!

Prize #1 - Kaylex, Rogue Paragon Expansion

The first contractor option in Breachstorm, Kaylex is a superhuman assassin able to work in any of the game's factions. Stay tuned for a preview article covering her impressive abilities in the near future!

Congratulations to our Prize #1 winners Cameron W. and Steve K.!

Prize #2 - Breachstorm Demo Set

Enough models to play a small, intro game of Breachstorm and get a feel for the mechanics, these demo sets will include one Field Officer and two Infantry for two factions to play some quick 3v3 action! And of course the model can be added to a larger team in the future!

Congratulations to our Prize #2 winners Sam L. and Dan P.!

Grand Prize

Lastly, the grand prize is the one everyone's been waiting on... a preview version Breachstorm 2-Player Core Set!

Complete with a terrain set, 2 7-model teams and a full set of tokens, this set has everything you need to get started playing Breachstorm!

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Brandon T.!

All prizes will be shipped once the Kickstarter Campaign launches after 9/18/18.