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New Community Challenge - Upgrades

Arighty boys and girls... time to bring your Breachstorm beta games to the next level; and on that note I'm pumped to be able to introduce Community Challenges!

In an effort to stress test new rules and additions to the game, these challenges will offer additional chances to win monthly prizes by participating in the Breachstorm open beta! Every battle report submitted that follows the currently active Community Challenge guidelines will be counted as TWO entries into that month's drawing rather than just one! :O

And with that I'm also happy to announce the new Community Challenge for the next few weeks... upgrade cards!

That's right, upgrade cards are now live on the Files section of (under the Statcards header)! There you'll find a selection of 8 upgrades from all four categories.

These aren't all the upgrade cards that will be included in Wave 1 of the game, and these are far from the final versions that the full game will have. They'll be respendent in card art like the image in the header (which is the art for "Brazen", by the way), but you'll have to do with the rough drafts in the document for now.

Expect a small mechanical update to the core rules with a week or two that may help define how these cards interact.

That's all for today folks; I'm pumped to hear your feedback on these new cards!

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