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v.91 Rules Update Change Notes!

Welcome to the combat zone, Breachstormers - new missions have been assigned; your briefing begins now.

It's been a little while since we teased this upcoming rules rework on the project's Patreon page, and while some of the new content took longer to iron out than we planned, we're happy to announce that a new grip of rules is available NOW over on the rules page!

While there is a lot of new content here, there are also a lot of balance tweaks we've implemented based on feedback over the last few weeks.

Core Rules Updates
  • New "Breaching" Weapon Attribute - this attribute allows AOE weapons to apply a Breached state to obstructions, which allows friendlies to temporarily ignore them for movement. Previously this effect was unique to the M-TAC Breacher but we hope to use it more moving into the future.

  • New "Adaptation" Tokens - a new token type that will be used extensively as a resource by the Ativari Conclave faction.

  • Riposte Defense Rework - Riposte now automatically inflicts the same amount of damage as it reduces (1 on a Glance, 2 on a Moderate, or 3 on a Critical hit) to its target, rather than functioning as a regular attack. This prevents awkward interactions between overlapping defenses and allows future units with powerful melee weapons to use Riposte without becoming too strong.

New Objectives

Veteran players may remember some original missions from the alpha version of the game such as Escort and Electronic Warfare; these proved difficult to transition into the latest version in last year's rules rework, but we hope that Evacuate Facility and Data Sabotage will serve as fitting tributes.

  • Data Sabotage is an attack mission that expects the attacker to interact with a pair of Terminals near the center of the combat zone. These terminals can be toggled to the control of either player, but are only scored if secured by the attacker at the end of round. This allows for a dynamic tug-of-war over the central scenario elements while still allowing a late-activating Defender the chance to prevent the attacker's score.

  • Evacuate Facility introduces a new Scenario Element unit mechanic; placing Noncombatants (found in the v.91 Contractors profile sheet) in the combat zone and tasking the defender with protecting and escorting them to a zone within their deployment. While these Noncombatants can be difficult to protect early and thereby reduce the Defender's score, as they are evacuated or destroyed more will arrive from Obstructions in the combat zone and allow for easier evac later on in the game.

Objective Changes
  • Recon Sweep - Sensor Sweep no longer allows units to ignore Line of Sight.

  • Retrieve Intelligence - Intelligence markers are now reset at the end of each Victory Phase rather than immediately.

  • Data Security - The third Mission Parameter now only checks for enemies within 3" of Data Terminals rather than 6".

Contractor Changes
  • Qairus, Synod Agent Rework - We are nearing an alpha release of the as-yet unpreviewed Ativari Conclave faction, and are incorporating many of their mechanics into Qairus' toolkit. This includes:

    • Replacement of the Combatskin enhancement mechanic with the Precari Combatskin special rule. This rule assigns a Combatskin token to Qairus on each of his activations that can be spent on the Refresh action.

    • In Shadow Clad now simply costs an Adaptation token rather than requiring Qairus to destroy an enemy.

    • The Reflex Processor enhancement was reworked into Precari Precognition; granting Qairus dodge while he is holding on to an Adaptation token.

    • Willbreak reduced to 2 damage. We found that it proved too successful as a removal tool rather than an important piece of technology to prevent token stacking.

Overall we hope you'll find a lot more utility in the Combatskin system - now instead of a static series of complicated enhancements, Adaptation tokens allow Ativari units to unlock a variety of abilities that either cost their tokens, or activate when the tokens are retained. This makes for a much more choice-based and adaptive play style than the original system.

  • Added Noncombatant profile - This is a profile for use with units generated by objective cards; it cannot be purchased for a team normally, but provides a baseline stat block for use with Evacuate Facility and other future missions.

Homeworld Confederacy Changes
  • Airburst (M-TAC Rifleman/Fireteam Leader) - Wording update for consistency with other "ignore obscured/cover" effects.

  • Capt. Johan Lukas - Abilities renamed.

  • M-TAC Breacher - Breaching Munitions updated to use new Breaching weapon attribute.

Zhren'thrar Prides Changes
  • For Honor! (Pride Packwarrior/Packleader) - Now assigns a Fury token to a single friendly Regular rather than in an aura (this was an oversight on the previous version of the ability).

  • Packmistress Feraq - Rejoinder move shortened to 3".

  • Pride Firstclaw - Battlecry now only affects the Firstclaw and one target, rather than all Regulars within Rad. This helps reduce the unit's ability to snowball in high unit-count matchups.

  • Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat - Abilities renamed and Damage reduced to 30. We found Khash'Parah could be too survivable in many circumstances and want to limit the amount the unit can be used independently with no support.


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