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v.90 Rules Update Change Notes!

A new update to the Breachstorm core rules and profiles is now available on the Rules page! Everyone deserves a good quality of life... so quality of life updates are the name of the game for this rules revision.

We are steadily updating the Breachstorm based on feedback, and quickly approaching what we consider to be a 'final' version for the rules. We've gotten some great insights from players recently on ways to improve the readability and playability of profile cards for Breachstorm that we were happy to implement. You'll also find updated artwork on every card, including some atmospheric background art and new unit models.

Addendum 4.10.23 - a few changes we forgot in the original post!

  • Qairus, Synod Agent - In Shadow Clad can now trigger any time this unit destroys an enemy.

  • Core Rules; Rend Tokens - Now add 2 damage rather than 4.

Core Rules Changes
  • AOE Attack Rework - AOE attacks that catch a friendly unit within their AOE range no longer resolve targeting that friendly unit. This could allow defenses and attack modifiers to trigger to gain an advantage for blowing up your own troops, so instead that friendly unit will simply suffer damage equal to the Glancing Hit level of the attack. No attack roll is required, nor do attack modifiers or defenses apply.

  • Infest Token Rework - Infest tokens now generate Epulex Larva instead of Volgox Crawlers, and remain permanently until used or the unit is destroyed (they are not removed at the end of the round). This makes the units they spawn less combat effective, but have more interesting utility, and meshes into the Incubator rework (detailed below).

  • Added Objective Profile Anatomy Section - the rulebook now includes a detailed breakdown of the components of an Objective card in Section 3.

  • Deployment defined in the "Set Up Teams" step.

Objective Changes
  • (All Objectives) VP Tracker Added - All objective cards now have a 20-pip VP Tracker for easy tracking of scoring on the back, above their mission parameters. There is a highlighted section to illuminate when a player has reached or exceeded the 10-VP victory threshhold.

  • Scorched Earth Scoring Rework - While difficult, in some cases it was possible to win the Scorched Earth objective in 1-2 turns. Access to the Detonate action is now restricted to the to units that can Interact. In addition, players no longer score additional VPs for Demolishing terrain outside their Deployment Zone, but instead gain 1 VP the first time each round a feature is Demolished. This parameter is now restricted to 4 VPs each round.

Upgrade Card Changes
  • No rules have been changed on Objective Cards; but you will find some shiny new art on the Volucrid adaptation upgrades. Breachstorm patrons have already had access to HD copies of this artwork for a little while!

Unit Profile Changes
  • (All Units) New card art! - You'll find new card art on all unit profiles, including a lighter background on the backside for improved readability. All Volucrid cards have also been changed to a style more consistent with the other factions' profiles, including rendered unit models on the front. You'll also find Abilities reformatted slightly to improve readability and provide a consistent space for Ability Modifiers to be displayed.

  • (All Units) Card-back identification - The name of each unit is now printed on both the front and back of each profile for easier reference when flipped over.

  • Volgox Crawler and Firefly - Damage reduced to 22. With their newfound ability to heal by Consuming larva generated by Infest tokens, the ability of Host infantry to regenerate necessitated a slight decrease in their initial survivability.

  • Mar, Volgox Alpha - We consider this the initial release of new unique Volucrid character Mar. It's Damage has been increased to 26 from the original alpha profile to slightly improve survivability.

  • Epulex Incubator - HEAVY rework; we were unhappy with the interaction of Fury tokens with the Deposit Larva mechanic. Instead the Incubator now interacts uniquely with Infest tokens, gaining Infest tokens as units around it are destroyed. These can be spent on the new unlimited use Deposit Larva action, which transforms 2 Infest tokens into a single Epulex Larva. All Infest tokens will still resolve when the Incubator is destroyed, allowing its carried Larva to spill out if the Incubator is ever killed.

  • Packmistress Feraq - Relic Longblade damage reduced by 1 on higher hit levels; we found Feraq's ability to remove enemy Infantry was far too consistent at the existing damage level.

  • Khariphesh Dreamspeaker - Can no longer transfer Fury tokens to itself using Direct Rage. This could create a one-unit combo by Enraging another unit and moving the Fury back to itself, which was very powerful but unintuitive.

  • M-TAC Fireteam Leader - Cost reduced to 15 to remain competitive with other Field Officers.

  • M-TAC Breacher - Slight increase to G8 Combat Shotgun damage at higher hit levels. Deploy ABM is no longer restricted to one ABM marker per Breacher. Autonomous Breach now applies the Breached state to Obstructing terrain, allowing friendly regulars to move through it. (This was added largely to preserve the flavor of the Breacher opening avenues for the team to move through).

  • TITAN Battlesuit FSL - Slight increase to MPS-3 Guided Missile damage.


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