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Progress Update - Cooperative Operations

Hey Breachstormers! We've been quiet for a while but want to keep you up-to-date on what we're working on.

In a recent poll on the project Patreon, we asked what the next gameplay expansion to the game should be; with Cooperative Operations - a new solo/cooperative mode - crowned the overwhelming winner.

Cooperative Operations will see teams tasked with completing complex objectives against an AI-controlled enemy. These teams can be subdivided into multiple squads valued at 50 Requisition, each controlled by a separate player for cooperative, teamwork-based play.

Each mission will suggest a deployment for terrain, enemy positions and scenario elements; and will require the player-controlled teams to complete a progressive set of victory conditions to score as high as possible on a tiered victory ladder.

Enemy units will begin the operation ignorant of the player's presence, but reckless or misfortunate actions can alert them and cause them to activate, at which point their moves will be determined by a deck of action cards; which include going on the offensive, falling back to defend objective points... or alerting additional units.

As the mission progresses and the infiltrated facility becomes aware of your intruding team, an Alarm Level will be raised and Contingencies; special bonuses for AI units, will be unlocked. These include more damaging attacks, debuffs to player units, or more efficient action cards.

As you can imagine, this expansion essentially constitutes a complete overhaul of the Breachstorm system for play in the Cooperative Operations mode. While unit profile cards and the core rules will remain identical to the standard play mode, there is still a ton of work to be done finalizing missions, new components, and AI mechanics.

We hope to have alpha rules for Cooperative Operations available for project supporters within the next few weeks, and public beta documents after that. Our current goal is to post new narrative missions periodically for supporters and on the rules page, with the special components, tokens, and card decks required for cooperative play available in a special expansion pack.

We're excited to bring this new mode to the ecosystem of Breachstorm, and to marry it in to the game's ongoing narrative updates!


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