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Breachstorm: Reloaded - Stretch Goals and Pledges Explained!

With Breachstorm: Reloaded just 2 weeks away, we thought we'd take the opportunity to dive into some of the details of the campaign!

Stretch Goals

One of the improvements we wanted to make was how new miniatures were unlocked.

Instead of funding based on an "all or nothing" goal, the initial campaign goal will be small and new miniatures will be made available incrementally via stretch goals.

The twist!? Stretch goals will be unlocked by popular vote!

Each time a stretch goal is unlocked, backers will get the opportunity to vote on the next stretch goal in the pipeline.

Even better, you can enhance your vote by playing games!

Just post up some battle reports during the campaign in the Breachstorm Facebook group or Discord Server. When you receive your Stretch Goal Survey you'll be able to link your report and your vote will count twice (each report can only be linked to a single survey however).

Each survey will only last a few days, so pay attention to those backer updates!

Here's a list of the stretch goals that will be available at the campaign's launch. New goals will be added if these are met:

(prices and funding goals are not final and may be subject to change prior to launch)

As an added bonus for backers, all stretch goal additions represent a 10-20% discount from the kit's MSRP, so get those pledges in while you can!

Pledges and Pledge Management

As previewed earlier Breachstorm: Reloaded is moving away from pre-constructed reward levels towards an a la carte system.

In this campaign, pledge levels represent a 20-25% discount to your order (for example the $40 pledge level will contribute $48 towards your final total).

Pledge management and ordering will be taken care of via the Breachstorm online store following the steps outlined below:

Shipping and other applicable fees will be taken care of by the online store, and you can add any items you want to your order! Limited edition minis and unlocked stretch goal items will be available as well.

Keep in mind that all items orders ship from MA, USA (postal code 01915) and and shipping is not necessarily included in your pledge. Local pickup is available.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on August 16th on Kickstarter!

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