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v.70 Notes - Mission Parameters

As you may have noticed, the v.70 rules are being rolled out incrementally, and new statcards for all the units and objectives in the game are now available on the rules page!

If You Should Choose To Accept It

One of the big changes we've made in this update is how objective scoring is presented. In the past, objective cards had a block of text describing when VP was scored - in v.70 we've replaced that with the Mission Parameters system.

Each Mission Parameter lists the number of VP scored when its completed as well as the X number of times it can be scored. Starting from the top, you can only score one Mission Parameter each round and once you've scored that parameter X times, the next parameter down may be scored.

You'll notice that with this system each objective functions almost identically to previous versions, but this system presents your goals in a more logical manner and gives us more power to write complex objectives in the future.

Characters with Character

We've also made a number of quality-of-life changes to unit statcards - including easier-to-read damage totals. You'll also notice that the "Character: X" rule has been removed from the character units in the game. This has been replaced by [bracketed] subtypes - each team may only include one unit with the same [bracketed] subtype.

We hope you enjoy these new updates to the game, and stay tuned for new Upgrade cards as well as a revamped rulebook in the near future!

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