A Silent Knife - Kaylex Preview

September 15, 2018

A New Breed


Across the eons, the recorded history of humanity has formed an unbroken litany of constant progress - self improvement, technological development and advancement into one of the Spur's greatest interstellar civilizations.  This innovation has not halted beyond the boundaries of the human form itself.  While it is highly regulated within the borders of the Homeworld Confederacy, cutting-edge technologies have given scientists control over virtually very aspect of the human genome, allowing them to shape human physiology to their whim.


Nicknamed "Paragons", a new breed of advanced post-humans is emerging as the results of such experimentation.  While their existence itself is illegal and they remain isolated and confined, these gene-modified superhumans may prove a prophetic glimpse at what humanity may one day become.


Going Rogue


Spawned within the blacksite laboratory of a powerful corporation operating outside the bounds of Confederate law, Karyocranial Latency Experiement G127 - codenamed "Kaylex" - presents an example of the latest generation of such superhumans.

Representing a quantum leap in Paragon technology and rumored to have been engineered with Ativari interference, Kaylex possesses myriad unique abilities far beyond those of even other enhanced individuals.  Aside from advanced physical traits such as muscle and bone composition, regeneration, acute senses and energy efficiency, Kaylex was engineered to be a psychokinetic "blank".


Projecting a subliminal psychokinetic field, Kaylex unconsciously counteracts the actions of nearby psychokinetics with waves of destructive interference, rendering their abilities null.  Designed to provide humanity with a counter to opposing psychokinetic agents, her abilities have given Kaylex a near-mythic reputation amongst the Spur's criminal underworld.

Having escaped from her malign creators, Kaylex offers her superhuman abilities as a bounty-hunter and assassin to the highest bidder.  While preferring to keep to the shadows; so as to avoid the attention of the Spur's most powerful agencies, Kaylex is still willing to lend her services where needed... disappearing suddenly without a trace after payment has cleared.

Kaylex' superhuman physique allows her to dispatch even her most resilient prey with ease, and the plethora of Precise attack modifiers on her weapons make her adept at assassinating high-value targets such as Field Officers

The high Acc of Kaylex' weapons works with her Assassinate ability to generate massive damage with a relatively low number of actions... even more if she has Asset points available to Concentrate her attacks.


These powerful abilities allow Kaylex to apply massive damage to individual targets, but she can struggle in the face of great numbers that threaten to overwhelm her.  Kaylex is unique in that she is the only Infantry model to feature a negative Command Modifier... meaning that she will actually lose Actions if commanded by a Field Officer!


The Highest Bidder


Kaylex, Rogue Paragon is a Contractor model, meaning that she's eligible to be included in a team of any faction!  As a Contractor however, she isn't considered to be a Regular trooper, so you'll have to pay close attention since many friendly Orders or other abilities won't affect her.


Kaylex will be available in two forms during the Breachstorm Kickstarter - in the "Kaylex, Rogue Paragon" Expansion pack that can be added on to any pledge level... and as a limited edition variant sculpt that will be available through the offer below:

So get in early on the Breachstorm Kickstarter Campaign, launching Tuesday, 9/18/18 to get this limited-edition sculpt!


See Kaylex' rules in their entirety when they go up on the Open Beta in the near future!

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