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Tactical Sci-Fi Miniature Game

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The Might of Humanity

Homeworld Confederacy

Once lost children of a destroyed world, the Homeworld Confederacy now stands as the largest human civilization of the Orion Spur.

The close-knit M-TAC teams of the Homeworld Confederacy rely on teamwork, firepower and cutting-edge military technology to assemble combinations of attacks that eliminate the enemy from a distance.

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Breachstorm is a competitive 30mm miniatures game that puts you in command of a team of elite special operatives in a race to complete asymmetric, narrative mission objectives.


Fast-Paced Gameplay

Deploy your team in lightning-fast operations featuring asymmetric objectives that put your tactics and strategy to the test.

Breachstorm features a unique activation system that sees players alternate acting with small portions of their teams, lead by powerful battlefield commanders known as Field Officers.

Use a robust resource management system to sequence your troops' actions in any order you choose, allow them to support one another effectively, create powerful combos and destroy your opponent's team.

A Battlefield Under Your Control

A battle begins before the first shot has been fired; sometimes picking the time and place to engage is a more potent weapon than the skill of any soldier.


In Breachstorm every aspect of the game is a crucial part of the strategy; from choosing the terrain your team will fight over by deploying impactful terrain templates, to selecting your own mission objectives.

During the game, deploy advanced equipment and call in support from off the field by activating powerful Tactical Assets, including air strikes, sensor sweeps and combat drugs.


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