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Konager League


The Konager League (KGL) is a highly militaristic human interstellar monarchy composed of approximately 130 member worlds and a population of 740 billion.  While smaller than the Homeworld Confederacy both in size and population, skirmishes over contested territory along the fortified border between the two interstellar organizations are common and the League maintains a constant state of military readiness.


The Konager League's modern incarnation saw its rise during the chaos of the Interstellar Dark Age, when the Naeman crime family cut communications with Homeworld and violently seized control of the Konager colonies from the wildly unpopular Hegemonic governor.  Promising social reform in favor of the beleaguered colonists, the Naemans quickly attracted nearby colonies into their burgeoning empire, eventually using seized Hegemony warships to coerce further systems into joining.  Within decades, the Naeman dynasty had assembled an expansive territory.

Shortly before Confederate reunification, Heiron Naeman, the sitting Konager at the time, died under mysterious circumstances and left no surviving heirs.  While assassination was claimed by supporters of the Naeman household, no evidence of foul play could be produced.  Amidst the ensuing chaos, Cyrus Preumzi seized the throne and took up the mantle of Konager.  Cyrus' commanding leadership of the League allowed the government to recover swiftly from the transfer of power and stand against the encroaching Homeworld Confederacy.  While their aging Hegemony vessels were outclassed by modern Confederate warships, the stiff resistance and numerical superiority of Konager forces rebuffed Confederate unification fleets on several occasions.

Cyrus Preumzi was hailed as a hero of the League and his actions ensured that power was maintained within the Preumzi dynasty for several generations, before transitioning to the Maksur household shortly before the launch of the Khariphesh Crusade.  Konager territory is not far from space controlled by the Collected Prides and Konager forces were forced to contend with multiple incursions by pride warfleets.

Government and Politics


Government of the Konager League is controlled by a single individual dubbed the Konager, who wields absolute power.  Portrayed by state-controlled propaganda as genetically superior superhumans, honor-bound to use their enhanced abilities to govern the people of the League, the Konager wields this "Genetic Mandate" as justification for their unparalleled control.  The League's industries are heavily socialized and as such controlled primarily by the state.  Konagers often appoint close allies of their household to gubernatorial positions over sections of League territory, who serve as extensions of the supreme ruler's authority and maintain order with an extensive system of propaganda, surveillance and powerful military assets.


Military and Law Enforcement


Based on outdated Hegemony designs, the military technology of the League's armed forces did not see the radical upgrades that those of the Homeworld Confederacy and Rhestran Utopia did during the Dark Age and reunification.  As such, Konager vessels are often completely outclassed by warships of similar tonnage.  League design principle emphasize simplicity over complex technology, and total control of state industries allows the Konager's fleets to replenish losses more rapidly than other militaries, typically resulting in a strategic advantage in the League's favor even in the face of massive tactical discrepancy.

The League military is divided into Echelons, each numbered based on its proximity and importance to the Konager.  In this way the 1st Echelon constitutes the ruler's personal units, the 2nd Echelon guards the Konager system and the borders of League space adjacent to hostile states, the 3rd patrols the League's internal territory and so on.  Each Echelon is equipped and trained according to their importance, and it is not unheard of for Konagers to re-order individual units or entire Echelons based on their merit or personal preference.

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