New Kickstarter Launches 8/16

July 15, 2019


Happy Monday, Breachstormers!

As we teased last month, Breachstorm: Reloaded is returning to Kickstarter...


The new campaign will launch on Friday, August 16th and initially focus on bringing Qairus, Synod Agent to the Breachstorm universe (including his limited edition sculpt, pictured below).



We've learned a lot from our previous campaigns and are excited to bring a new format to the relaunch:

  • Tons of stretch goals - Dozens of other miniatures will be unlockable and available as stretch-goals!

  • Community involvement - We want the community to be as deep a part of the new Breachstorm campaign as possible - so the order in which they're unlocked will be decided by community vote!

  • A la carte pledges - we're doing away with the complex bundles deals from our other campaigns; instead all pledges can now be managed easily through the Breachstorm online store and give massive discounts on all Breachstorm products, including older releases!










We're excited to bring Breachstorm back to Kickstarter... and bring new miniatures to your tabletop.  We hope you'll join us on August 16th and participate!

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