Agent of Chaos - Qairus Preview

April 26, 2019

With just four days before Breachstorm: Reloaded goes live, we're psyched to spoil some more goodies from the campaign.  This time we're covering the game's new Contractor character; Qairus, Synod Agent.



Deep cover agents are a vital component of the Ativari Conclave's defense network.  Preferring subterfuge to direct action or pompous displays, Ativari agents embed themselves in every level of a rival government's society.  Using networks of criminals, allies and informants, these enigmatic puppet-masters undermine the stability of neighboring systems, sowing discord and ensuring that none are ever capable of challenging the Conclave's will.  Dissident groups, social unrest and radical politics are all weapons wielded deftly by the Synod's chosen.


Qairus has never been at home among the Conclave's Directorates; his radical ideals and unscrupulous methods have lead to a century spent transferring between positions, but this intransigence his has gifted Qairus a wide skillset crucial in his field.  A skilled psychokinetic, Qairus is a Mindrender; his deft touch able to influence the very nervous system of his subjects.  The existence of these horrifying agents is an open secret among the Willblade order and they are capable of easily extracting information from the most unwilling subjects.


With his breadth of experience and depth of knowledge, Qairus is often entrusted with unique missions befitting his array of skills, including as his position on the covert bio-engineering team cooperating with the human Agoge Foundation on their confidential "Paragon" Project.  Currently stationed as an operative within human space, Qairus' position affords him the freedom pursue his own goals...


Independent Thinker


Qairus joins Kaylex in Breachstorm's lineup of Contractor units, and like her he can be included in a team of any faction!  Unlike Kaylex, Qairus is a Field Officer and can command friendly troops in his team, however his relatively low Order value of 2 limits the effectiveness of his orders.



With his decades of service in the Willblade order, Qairus' defining feature is his impressive array of Psychokinetic abilities.  Boasting a massive 4 Psychokinetic points alongside the ability to easily refresh PKP throughout the game thanks to a Neuropsych Interface enhancement on his Adaptive Combatskin, Qairus is be able to continually use his abilities throughout an operation.


Mindrender Adept


As one of the Willblade order's most skilled interrogators, Qairus excels at manipulating his enemies on the battlefield, disrupting their plans and forcing them from cover.


Combined with the Disorient ability to reposition enemy units against their will, Qairus' Subvert power allows him to sew confusion by turning the most powerful weapons of his enemies against them.


Even the strongest resolve is no match for the terrifying precision of a Mindrender.  Using his signature Willbreak ability, Qairus can gut enemy game plans by ripping valuable tokens from their units; whether they be Action tokens saved for Defensive Fire, Fury tokens waiting to be used or even Suppression tokens on his own allies.


Covert Agent


Preferring a quiet blade in the back to the blast and clamor of ranged weapons, Qairus brings the melee expertise of his Willblade training to his team, accompanied by the unique Ativari mechanic In Shadow Clad.



Whether repositioning out of line of sight after an attack or dancing forward deeper into the fray, the extra distance afforded by In Shadow Clad makes Qairus one of the most slippery opponents to pin down.


Qairus, Synod Agent will be available as a pledge add-on in the Breachstorm: Reloaded Kickstarter campaign (launching April 30th), in both standard and Limited Edition poses.


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