Breach & Clear - M-TAC Breacher Preview

April 16, 2019

Breachstorm: Reloaded is just around the corner (launching on April 30th), so it's time to take a look at some of the new units that will be available during the campaign!

Dressed to Impress

By design, M-TAC rifle squads are highly flexible units whose members are trained in a variety of battlefield roles.  When their mission involves close quarter combat, these teams deploy breaching specialists, experts in forced entry and assault of fortified enemy positions.

Like other M-TAC specialists, Breachers use special-issue equipment to assist in their mission.  Their A23B "Cavalier" ACE suits are heavily armored and offer enhanced protection against a wide array of small-arms fire.  Breacher's standard-issue G8 EPP combat shotguns provide a flexible close-quarters weapon and allow for ballistic door breaching when necessary.

Autonomous breaching munitions (namely ABM-28 "Marble Grenades") are a vital part of a Breacher's standard equipment.  These tiny drones are deployed at a distance and guided to their target, where they will automatically detect and exploit structural weaknesses.  Internal, variable-payload explosives and a sophisticated battlefield AI network allow the tiny robots to work together, opening entry for the M-TAC team and disrupting any enemy personnel within.


Close Combat Specialists

Trained for close quarter battle, Breachers excel at short ranges thanks to their Point Blank special rule.

This unit introduces a new mechanic to Breachstorm in the Coordinate special rule, which allows your HWC team to operate at similarly close range if Breachers are included.

Using Coordinate, Breachers contribute their Point Blank rule to any M-TAC Field Officers that command them, as well as any other infantry commanded in the same activation.


This effect synergizes well with aggressive officers such as Maj. Bastien Khara'kha and upgrades such as Gunslinger and Sharpshooter that reduce the negative effects of getting your shooters trapped in close combat.


Area Denial

While Breachers can be a blunt instrument of short-range firepower, using their Autonomous Breaching Munitions (ABM) to its full effectiveness requires planning and forethought.



Unlike other explosives, ABM markers must be set up on the table using the Deploy ABM action before they can be detonated.


This unique form of attack allows the Breacher to deny areas of cover to enemies by setting up ABM traps, with the added benefit of not requiring line of sight to the AOE marker.  This makes Breachers excellent at peeling apart entrenched enemy positions, even behind obstructing or obscuring terrain.  Multiple Breachers can work in tandem to detonate each other's ABM markers and rain further ruin on enemy formations.


Combined with a healthy distribution of Impact attack modifiers on their shotgun attacks, M-TAC Breachers are the perfect unit for bringing the fight to the enemy and disrupting their carefully laid plans.


M-TAC Breacher profile cards will be available shortly on the Rules page.


M-TAC Breachers (HWC08) will be unlockable as a stretch goal on the Breachstorm: Reloaded Kickstarter campaign launching 4/30, to be added to all HWC Faction Allegiant and All Out War pledge levels.

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