Wave 1.5 Preorder Opens 1/5!

January 4, 2019

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and happy new years!

For our part, things are progressing swimmingly over here at Breachstorm HQ; bits and pieces for preorders are quickly coming in and we hope to have everyone's orders shipped out early next week.


And for some more good news... the Field Officers and TITAN Battlesuit of Wave 1.5 will be available for preorder starting this Saturday, 1/5 at midnight EST!

TITAN Battlesuit FSL (HWC Infantry) - $24.99

Resin miniature & 40mm base

Assigned to M-TAC teams to provide heavy fire support, TITAN Battlesuits are ponderous, modular machines deployed when a mission requires little discretion.


These massive battlesuits are a huge threat on the tabletop, and allow HWC teams an answer to unfavorable terrain with their indirect-firing rocket mortars.  In addition, sporting a valuable Ammunition upgrade slot and the heaviest armor in the game, TITANs are also the perfect anchor for an M-TAC firebase.


Maj. Bastien Khara'kha (HWC Field Officer) - $14.99

Resin miniature & 30mm base

A Zhren’thrar born within the Confederacy, Bastien has faced his share of adversity existing in a society brutalized by his predecessors.  Despite this, his commission has seen him lauded by the high command as an exemplar of interspecies cooperation, and he lends to his team the fury of his bloodline mixed with his own brand of boundless enthusiasm.


Bastien is a combat-focused Field Officer that juxtaposes the other supporting officers in the HWC faction.  With powerful damage output at short range, Bastien transforms how HWC teams operate by providing blindingly fast mobility thanks to his Press Forward order.


The miniature even comes with options to have his head both on and off!


Pride Firstclaw (ZTP Field Officer) - $14.99

Resin/white metal miniature & 30mm base

Chosen by Warthanes to enforce their directives on the field, Firstclaws are chosen for their loyalty and skill-at-arms. The very prowess of these fearsome fighters lends inspiration to the warriors they lead.


Adding another Field Officer option to the ZTP faction, the Firstclaw forsakes supporting his team for some of the highest damage output in the entire game!  While their Warthane's Will order can be very powerful when applied in the right circumstances... it pales in comparison to the raw ferocity with which these warriors wield their Sundering Spears.


Khash'Parah, Blade of Paqhat (ZTP Field Officer) - $24.99

Resin/white metal miniature & 40mm base

With a past shrouded in hearsay and rumor, Khash'Parah is a living weapon of the Khariphesh Temple, existing in a constant, stuporous rage, fueled by combat drugs and the endless whispers of the Dreamspeakers


While technically a Field Officer, Khash'Parah is unique in the game in that he cannot issue the Command order.  Instead, this living weapon demands that the team is shaped to suit his needs - namely being fueled with tons and tons of Fury tokens!  The more Khash'Parah gets, the faster his impressive stats skyrocket into the stratosphere.


Estimated shipping date for these new units is 1/14/18, so remember to tune in early this Saturday to be first in line to get your new units!


Already have an order placed with us and want to save on shipping?  No worries!  We can combine the shipping for both.  Just choose the free "Local Pickup" option at checkout, and in the comments section list your original order # and let us know that you'd like the two shipped together.

Note: this means your complete order may be delayed until all items are ready to ship.

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