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Beta V.50 Update & Change Notes

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season! We've been super busy prepping the orders from the recent preorder... but not busy enough that we couldn't fine-tune some of Breachstorm's rules. :)

Below you'll find a summary of all changes and our design notes explaining the rationale behind each.

Core Rules

The terminology referring to "models" across the game has been changed. Any rules referencing "models" now use the term units. Infantry and Field Officer units are also further defined as trooper units to differentiate them from other types that may be available in the future.

This change was made simply to mesh the background of Breachstorm to its rules text to a little more closely.

Repaired a loophole that allowed Field Officers to end their activations within the activation of a Commanded infantry model.

Changed Call in Support from a free action to a Field Officer-only ability like Command.

Minor typo and wording fixes.



Interacting with the VIP marker by the attacking player now only moves it 2".

We found that in some circumstances the attacking player was easily able to reach the VIP marker before the defender and move it into a location that made it extremely difficult for the defender to ever score.



Changed from providing a free Move action to providing a 3" move.

We found that the upgrade was becoming too ubiquitous on melee-centric units and could end up in some radical activations-worth of movement, especially when paired with an already speedy unit like Khash'Parah or Kaylex.

Zhren'thrar Prides

Khariphesh Dreamspeaker

Changed Direct Rage to only affect regular units.

Pride Packleader

Changed the range affected by Pack Tactics from 6" to Rad.

We found that the Packleader often had trouble applying their buff since it required such close proximity to the enemy. With a longer effective range, the Packleader can still catch targets in the aura while being able to effectively retreat to safety.


Kaylex, Rogue Paragon

Reduced damage count from 6 to 5.

This doesn't seem like a big change, but remember any changes to Kaylex' damage counts for both before and after her self-preservation protocols are triggered! We found that, while we want Kaylex to be a squirrely opponent to pin down, she was actually slightly too tanky and hope this tweak will help cement her role as a glass cannon.