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State of the Project

The Past

One of the strengths that our team prides itself on is our transparency with our amazing community. We've done our best to be as forthcoming as possible, both on our community pages and in direct contact, and would like to continue that tradition!

Recently we've gotten some questions about the changes that Breachstorm is undergoing post-Kickstarter, so I wanted to summarize where the project is at currently in an effort to elucidate things for everyone.

The version of the game featured in the Kickstarter campaign was to include all of the components needed to play Breachstorm within the core sets; unfortunately this increased their price and due to the minimum order quantities needed for the accessory parts (mostly printed materials like cards and punchboard pieces), we needed to raise a minimum threshold of funds to make those cost-effective alongside the other components.

One of the comments we received most often during the campaign was that the game's price point was very high. In an effort to combat that issue, and since we had trouble getting the necessary traction to make those parts available, we decided to strip down our sets to include just the miniatures, make all the other components available for free as downloads on the rules page. As you can see this greatly reduced the cost of the sets you can find on the online store.

The Present

So far the team has accepted the significant costs to bring the game to production in order to make fulfillment as easy as possible. At this stage we don't expect to ever recoup those costs, but we are still passionate about bringing Breachstorm to life!

For this reason, we need your help to produce the first wave of Breachstorm miniatures by preordering yours at All of the proceeds from this preorder will go first to bringing the remaining miniatures we've created (such as HWC's Major Bastien Khara'kha and the mighty Zhren'thrar Pride Firstclaw!) into production, then to fuel future waves of miniatures for the game!

The Future

We currently have plans for dozens of future miniatures that we're excited to bring to the tabletop, but won't be able to produce them without the appropriate funds. At the moment of writing the current preorder has only raised about 25% of the funds to be able to comfortably produce the first run of models, make the additional models from the first wave available and ensure that we can continue with a second wave of releases.

If you're on the fence about ordering your models or have other members of your gaming group that you want to bring in to the game, we ask that you please consider supporting the game and ordering your miniatures before the preorder closes on November 9th!

We want to offer a huge thanks to everyone who's placed their orders thus far, and the awesome gamers who have stuck with us since the outset of the project. We hope to repay your loyalty with plenty of awesome games to come in the future! :D