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Volucrid Host Rules LIVE

The Host Descends!

They're finally here - after many weeks the full rules for the Volucrid Host faction are now available in the Breachstorm Open Beta! Check them out in the files section of the Open Beta page.

Note - the card appearance in the document is currently a placeholder and in no way represents the final artwork.

Unlike the other factions of the Orion Spur, the Volucrid Host are numerous and voracious. While they lack a unique resource such as the Homeworld Confederacy's Concentrate Fire or the Fury of the Zhren'thrar Prides, these insectoid aliens measure their materials in a more insidious way... the very bodies of their troops.

Not only are Volucrid teams meant to bring large numbers of models to the table, often benefiting from sheer weight of numbers with powerful rules such as Swarm, but they can also generate attacks by consuming nearby friendly troops.

To supplement this, the lumbering hulks of Epulex Incubators act as mobile recycling plants, dissolving down the corpses of deceased Volucrid organisms and enemy troops alike into nutrients for their growing larvae, which can in turn act as a resource to fuel further waves of Volgox genus aggressors.

Remember; the Volucrid Host is currently a locked stretch-goal in the Breachstorm Kickstarter campaign... so pledge now to help unlock them!