Open Beta v.41 Update & Change Notes

September 28, 2018


The Breachstorm Kickstarter is underway, has surpassed its funding goal and is ready to kick off into the final frontier of stretch goals!  Back on the homefront work continues on the Breachstorm rules, however... and we have an update!

While this one doesn't bring with it any sweeping balance changes, we are getting closer to cleaning up the game while it nears its final release.


Core Rules

  • Most of the updates involved repair of minor typos and formatting errors.

  • The Concentrate tactical asset was reduced to adding +d3 to a result pool rather than +d6.  We found that adding a d6 made it significantly more powerful than its sister asset, Second Chance, so reducing Concentrate to a d3 closes the gap.

  • Rules for the Infest attack modifier and token were added to the document, in preparation for the Volucrid Host beta release coming later this week.



Repaired some minor typos.

Clarified time limit and allowed frequency of purchase for some tactical assets.



Clarified that Penetrator Ammunition only prevents non-defense damage reduction effects.


Zhren'thrar Prides

Repaired some minor typos.

Updated wording on Pack Tactics to clarify the models affected by the ability.


A rather small one, but helps clean up the game rules significantly... and prepare for the arrival of the Host! :O

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