Standee Models and 3/5 Rules Update!

March 5, 2018

The first weekend of the open beta is over; many games were played and we received lots of great feedback!



The first update to the core rules has been posted to the beta page.  I want to stress that no rules have actually changed at this point, but based on feedback we added some sections to the core rules that would clarify some of the questions players had.  We plan on being judicious with actual rules changes, and only tweak anything mechanically after significant internal testing in addition to feedback.


What was added:

  • A new "Terrain Rules Summary" section that compiles all of the terrain template rules in one place.

  • Clarification was added that multiple damage tracks on one card just mean you can use that card to represent multiple models, not that each model has a bunch of damage points or that you get 3 for the price of 1.

  • Wording was removed from the Fury tokens rule that made it seem like Fury allowed models to perform unlimited Assault actions.

  • Some other minor formatting updates.

In other news...

Standee minis are live now on the beta page.  These cute little paper dolls can be printed out and cut out to use standalone or attach to bases to represent Breachstorm miniatures.


That's all for now folks, time to get back out there and storm some breaches!  Remember to join Breachstorm's community pages to post your batreps and take part in the discussion! :D

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