Open Beta is Live!

March 2, 2018


For those who missed it last night; after some excitement all of Breachstorm's rules files went online on the beta page!


To celebrate, I'll be live on this evening at 7:00 PM EST to answer questions, talk about the beta and go over some of the core rules!


Currently available are the game's core rules, terrain templates, objective cards for four unique objectives (two attack and two defense) as well as statcards for ten unique profiles across the Homeworld Confederacy and Zhren'thrar Prides factions.  This weekend I hope to have printable standee proxy models, rules reference sheets and a quickstart scenario available to introduce new players to Breachstorm's mechanics.


As the beta continues you can expect regular tweaks and updates to the rules based on feedback, our own internal playtesting and editorial review.  All changes will be announced on this blog and a master list of current card version numbers will be posted as cards are updated.



What do I need to play?

If you've played miniature wargames before you'll probably have most of the ancillary components to play Breachstorm.  If you're new to mini games; welcome! :D


In addition to the rules, templates and statcards included on the beta page, you'll need a 36"x36" flat surface six-sided dice (around 6 should do), some kind of measuring device that measures in inches (I recommend a small tape measure), assorted tokens to represent the tokens in the game and some figures to represent the models.  Most models are mounted on 30mm (approx. 1.2") or 40mm (approx.1.5") circular bases, so finding or cutting out something approximately that size should do.


If you want to mark up and re-use the statcards, I heartily recommend investing in some 8.5"x11" 3-ring binder page holders and dry-erase markers.  This lets you easily slip in the printed statcard pages, mark damage and other effects on the holder and erase it when the game is over!


See you on the battlefield!

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