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Joining the Open Beta


Good news for those interested in participating in the Breachstorm open beta! It's an easy process; here's all you have to do:

Using the Breachstorm rules found in the Files section of (available starting 3/1), simply find an opponent and play a game of Breachstorm using 100 point lists and the standard terrain template pool (or roughly equivalent terrain if you want to use your own). Once you're done, create a post about your game in one of the Breachstorm community pages OR e-mail it to Here's what you should include in your post:​

  • Team lists - What models, upgrades and objectives you and your opponent picked. If you're using proxy models, a description of what each model represents is important!

  • Photos - One pic before the game and one after each round or important activation works just fine!

  • Battle report - A brief summary what happened in the game, highlighting important events.

  • Questions - Any rules questions that came up during the game.

  • Wrap-up - Thoughts, opinions or feelings you had about your game.​

Each month, as long as enough players submit results, one lucky participant who posted a game during that month will win a free set of pre-release Breachstorm models! These 3d-printed pre-release sets will ship once final versions of the model sculpts are determined.

You and your opponent are both eligible to enter reports for the same game, but they must be independent summaries including your own feedback (not copypastas). You may enter multiple reports during a single month, but subsequent reports beyond the first do not contribute the same chance to win. Winners will be drawn on the last day of each month, starting 3/31.

These rules and all the relevant information are also available on the Beta page.