A full, deluxe token set for the Zhren'thrar Prides faction, printed on high quality, laser-cut acrylic.  Includes all the necessary tokens to play any models in the faction, upright, "standee" markers to indicate persistant effects and round markers for objective play:


  • 10 Action Tokens
  • 5 Order Tokens
  • 15 Fury Tokens
  • 5 Rend Tokens
  • 6 Suppression Tokens
  • 8 "For Honor" Standee Markers
  • 2 "Pack Tactics" Standee Markers
  • 2 "Warthane's WIll" Standee Markers
  • "Call the Hunt" Standee Marker
  • Khash'Parah Enhancement Standee Marker
  • "Mission Critical" Standee Marker
  • "Killbox" Standee Marker
  • "Kill Sweep" Standee Marker
  • 2 30mm round ZTP Faction Markers
  • 2 40mm round ZTP Faction Markers
  • 2 30mm round Objective Markers
  • 2 40mm round Objective Markers


This optional accessory can be used used in place of the free, downloadable terrain templates found on the rules page.

Zhren'thrar Prides Token Set