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A legend as old as humanity's colonization of the Spur, Blackships are unidentified vessels reported by the crews of exploratory vessels and other deep-spacers.  Easily explained by equipment failure, anomalous background readings or miscalibrated sensors, sightings of Blackships are more often reported surrounding historic events such as the destruction of Homeworld, the death of Heiron Naeman and the early days of the Khariphesh Crusade.

While rumors abound that the Homeworld Intelligence Bureau has an office dedicated to the catalog and research of Blackship sightings, most spacers ignore the wild tales of ebon-hulled nightmare ships prowling the dark corners of the Spur.


The Ebon Citadel

One of the many tales within the mythos of the Blackships, the Ebon Citadel is described in hushed tones as a continent-sized maw of towering blades thousands of kilometers long - a ship that silences entire worlds should they fall along its dread path.  No evidence has been produced to support the existence of such a vessel.

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